Montseny Experience

With your 4 senses

Experience a unique holiday in the heart of the natural park of “Montseny”, surrounded by nature, ideal to enjoy the scenery. This mountain range is famous for its rich ecological variety. For this reason, in 1978 UNESCO declared it a biosphere reserve. This natural park is the oldest in Catalonia and is also one of the most important ones for its biosphere.

Montsoriu castle

Montsoriu Castle is located between the towns of Arbúcies and Sant Feliu de Buixalleu. The over 1,000 year history of Montsoriu Castle has been accompanied by many traditions and legends, transmitted from generation to generation. The guided tour allows you to find out all about the history of Montsoriu, its military and palatial structure, and it also includes aspects that are very attractive, such as the explanation about the legends surrounding Montsoriu and its environs.

Homemade cheese farm 

In the Natural Park of the Montseny, they produce a raw milk cheese produced by a run ramp of 80 pastureland goats. As a result of this artisan elaboration, you get a dairy quality shepherd cheese, which makes it unique and unrepeatable (depending on the season).

Brewery Montseny 

We organize you a visit and beer tastins in its microbrewery. During the visit there will be a tour of the facilities of the factory, the brewing process will be explained and then a tasting of the different beers that are prepared, all accompanied by a small breakfast.

Montseny fragance

In a hidden place of the mountain, you will find a small “factory” of fragrances, which works exclusively with raw materials of its own production and suppliers of controlled origin, supervised and certified, to produce aromacosmetic products with pure essential oils for daily use.

Forest Bath

This activity offers the possibility of approaching nature, from different looks and attitudes. You will feel your surroundings, and connect with it, not only by observing nature, but by letting her see us. You will feel the essence of nature, the behavior of the forest, the union of all its elements, its way of communicating, its perception, its day to day life. You will live the nature, sharing the wilderness and the sunset of the forest, its breathing, its problems, its drift.

Jungle adventure

Barefoot walking: activities that will awaken all your senses. Barefoot path is a path where you will discover a wide variety of materials and textures. Because the foot is a sensitive organ as fine as the hand, walking barefoot opens up a whole world of sensations in which each step is different from the previous and always a pleasure.

Please send us an email: Or you could also send us a WhatsApp or call us on: (+34) 620 198 407. It will help us understand better what you are looking for and assist you in the best way that we can.

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Over time, we have learned the qualitative value that we can give to our free time. We live in a world of constant change, with means that allow us to travel as we have never done before. So, let's do it, travel, explore, know what comes out of our comfort zone. I, the plan, the tourist tells me when he has time to do it. The equation is easy. And this is where I play with advantage, because my offer is unlimited. It only takes creativity, time, and desire to know everything that the brand Catalonia has to offer.

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