Guilleries Experience

Accessible kayaks, canoeing & sailing

We like to provide unique emotions and experiences with kayak, canoe or sailing (excursions & courses) for everyone and with maximum security in the privileged environment of Sau.

By land and water

We offer you the opportunity to know each and every corner of this Swamp with a kayak, a canoe or sailing. But you can aslo discover the paths of the Natural Area of the Guilleries-Savassona with an electric BTT.  You’ll be back home, having discovered a good deal of our surroundings.

Please send us an email: Or you could also send us a WhatsApp or call us on: (+34) 620 198 407. It will help us understand better what you are looking for and assist you in the best way that we can.

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Over time, we have learned the qualitative value that we can give to our free time. We live in a world of constant change, with means that allow us to travel as we have never done before. So, let's do it, travel, explore, know what comes out of our comfort zone. I, the plan, the tourist tells me when he has time to do it. The equation is easy. And this is where I play with advantage, because my offer is unlimited. It only takes creativity, time, and desire to know everything that the brand Catalonia has to offer.

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