Barcelona Experience

The magic city

Barcelona is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and there are numerous things to see and discover here. You can get around easily by accessible public transport: Metro and bus.There is lots to see, from the world heritage listed Palau de la Musica, to the spectacular gothic cathedral, to the Picasso Museum. You could literally spend days wandering in this maze.

Gothic quarter

this is one of the best parts of Barcelona, and worth taking the time to explore. Nearly entirely pedestrianized, this quarter is just one crazy mess of tiny winding streets, stuffed full of history and opportunities for aimless wandering.

Sagrada Família, Casa Batllo & La Pedrera

Antoni Gaudí may have been the most revolutionary architect of modernism and architecture in general. With so many unique buildings to visit, most of them a World Heritage Site, it is normal that thousands of tourists cross half the world to see them in person.

Montjuic castle & views

Montjuic is a prominent hill overlooking the Barcelona harbour. For ages, it played a strategic part in the defense of the city and it’s one of the city’s natural elevations. From Montjuic’s castle you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Barcelona harbour. You can take a 360º tour and enjoy some of the continuous exhibitions showed about the Castle’s history. There is a snack bar service as well as restrooms.

There are many spots, plenty of activities and different experiences we can arrange for you in this pack. The city has endless cool things to do, so don’t hesitate to try as many as possible.

Please send us an email: Or you could also send us a WhatsApp or call us on: (+34) 620 198 407. It will help us understand better what you are looking for and assist you in the best way that we can.

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Over time, we have learned the qualitative value that we can give to our free time. We live in a world of constant change, with means that allow us to travel as we have never done before. So, let's do it, travel, explore, know what comes out of our comfort zone. I, the plan, the tourist tells me when he has time to do it. The equation is easy. And this is where I play with advantage, because my offer is unlimited. It only takes creativity, time, and desire to know everything that the brand Catalonia has to offer.

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