Hello, my name is Laia and I am the founder of Best Places in Catalonia (BPiC). Throughout the last 10 years, I treated myself like a tourist whenever I had the chance to travel around my region, and I was pleased to discover new amazing places each time. It became a hobby. And then is when I thought: what if I share all these best places with people from all over the world? But there is more, since the beginning there is been this one thing I wanted to make sure of: tourism should be accessible for everyone. Said that I thought, even better, what if I share such places with those who have it far more difficult than me to get to experience them?


BPiC gives tourists the opportunity to discover spectacular and less known places, making them accessible to everyone. The main task? To guarantee an unforgettable experience for everyone who joins a personalized plan, no matter your physical condition. “Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels.” This sentence is not from BPiC, his owner is Nikos Kazantzakis, but he was right. More important while doing our task, BPiC wants to make sure that the Catalan touristic offer is accessible and thus avoids any architectonic or communication barriers.

Vision & Values

Best places in Catalonia wants clients to leave Catalonia with the feeling that they want to come back. BPiC is passionate about the region and wants to pass along this passion to everyone who visits. No linguistic, age, architectonic, communication or cultural barriers. Motto: Best places in Catalonia, your ambassador to discover the region.

Furthermore, our sustainability approach is based on economic, environmental and social performance. The key stakeholders include customer, partners, personnel and investors. Wirepas is committed to carrying out its business in a sustainable way. Read more about our sustainability commitment here.